Scouts at Home

The purpose of this page is to bring together a whole load of fun things to do while at home.

Running Cubs and Scouts online  

Time: Limit time to an hour  

Tool: Zoom / safe settings  

Chairing the session: / mute / double dial-in for demonstrations    


10  Quick individual hello  
20  Review challenge work / crafting activity online 
25 Game or live activity 
5  Wrap up : set challenge for the next week & handwash good-bye 

Weekly challenges for Scouts  

  • Make anything from a tin can – art, something useful  
  • Make a Himmeli (international badge) 
  • Nominated person wearing as many clothes as you can – everyone guess how many layers – winner has to try and beat it next week 
  • A self portrait & a portrait of leader in biscuit form  
  • Pack as many things as possible in a cooks matchbox  
  • Introduce yourself, say your age and a hobby in a foreign language (but not one you learn at school) 
  • Dressing up night  

Online games  

  • Top Trumps (copy and email out a card each – winner stays on challenge / highest in each category)  
  • Comedy night – everyone tells 3 prepared jokes … then extras (entertainer badge) 
  • Scavenger hunts (run off and find – three red things, the smelliest trainers, your toothbrush, something funny, something old etc etc)  
  • I went to camp and I took  … memory game (team work badge)  
  • One line of a story … this can be typed in the chat for the digital citizen badge  
  • Campfire missing word story – call out their given word in list order when there is a pause in story 

Lots of information for over 250 activities can be found on the link below – with more being added daily.

SCOUTS!!! Remember, not all of these activities can be done without adult supervision. Make sure you get an adult to help you along the way.

OSM – Badges at Home

The ‘Badges At Home’ feature allows members to complete badges at home by viewing any resources and introductory videos or text you provide them, and then uploading evidence to prove they’ve completed the requirements.

Enable it by going to Settings – Parent Portal Settings – Badges.

Select the ‘Enable for selected badges’ option if you plan on uploading resources for badges, or ‘Enable for all badges’ if you are providing instructions by other means

Setting up a badge

To provide instructions for badges, open up a badge and click ‘Badges At Home’ at the top-right.

Please then upload any introductory material – this could be a video of you introducing the badge, or teaching your members how to do it. It can also be other resources such as instruction sheets.

Please also write a brief introduction to the badge.

Finally, if you chose to enable each badge individually, click the switch at the top to enable it when you are ready


Once you have set up all the badges that you’d like to do, you should tell your members about the system.

Go to Members – Personal Details and select everyone, click Send Email, and use the Special Content button to send people a link to the badges area.

Parents will receive an email with a link that they can click and then either create an account if they haven’t used the system yet, or they can just login if they have an account.

Parent Preview

Parents can click a badge and click the ‘Complete At Home’ button to use this functionality.

This will open up a tab that gives them your text instructions, any videos or resources you have uploaded, and all the requirements in the badge that they have not completed.

They should then complete the requirements and take photos or make a video showing you what they’ve done.

They should then upload the evidence – the first time they do this, they are asked if they give consent for you to share the uploads among other members and parents in your section. All shared media will appear in the “Other Members’ Uploads” tab at the top of the page.

After they upload the evidence, they should then tick which requirements they think they covered


Go to ‘Badges’ – ‘Badges At Home’ to see a list of badges with things to review.

As a one-time process, please click the Notifications button to get notifications when things are uploaded or comments are added by parents.

Then open up a badge and you’ll see at a glance how many uploads, requirements, and comments have been made by each member – click a member to see what they did.

Review the evidence and then either confirm the requirements or reject them, and please use the comments area to congratulate them, or to explain why you rejected a requirement.

If the parents have given consent to share their uploads, there will be a ‘Share’ button – please use that to share entertaining or impressive uploads – this will help create a virtual community around this badge within your section.

You can see and remove shared uploads in the Shared Uploads tab.

Note – all evidence is automatically deleted after 30 days, and comments are removed after 90 days

The Brent (6th Dartford) Scout Group | 6th Dartford Scouts

Also, why don’t you have a look at the district Facebook page… Full of things to do at home…

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