The Great West Oxfordshire Challenge 2020

Well that’s it! A whole month filled with yoga, cake, stop motion animation and lots of other activities!

We hope everyone has had some fun and learnt some new skills. So we can see everyones achievement and send out some certificates please follow this link to tell us what challenges you did and to upload some evidence.

Even during Lockdown scouting doesn’t stop!

We are inviting every Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer, Network member and all the family to take part in The Great West Oxfordshire Challenge 2020!

You have the whole of June to do as many of the 30 challenges as possible, there are also bonus challenges every weekend, so keep an eye out for these!

Sign up your scout using this link and you will be sent the list of challenges on the 1st June.

During the month if you take pictures doing the challenges please share them with the rest of the District on the West Oxfordshire District Facebook page! Also, let your section leader know what you are doing as lots of these activities will go towards activity and challenge badges!

There are virtual certificates for those who take part!

Bronze – 15 challenges

Silver – 20 challenges

Gold – 25 challenges and at least one bonus!

Any questions please email

For Beaver Challenges click here

For Cub Challenges click here

For Scout Challenges click here

For Explorer Challenges click here

For Network Challenges click here

Winning design by Esme – Marlborough Cubs


Bonus Challenge 1 –

Your first bonus challenge is to design a logo for this event, as even though Network tried with this one, it’s a little boring (ssshhh don’t tell them we don’t want to hurt their feelings).

Keep sending us your best designs at, they need to be bright and colourful and say the words “The Great West Oxfordshire Challenge 2020” everything else is up to you!

Make sure you tell us your name and which group you are from in the email!

There will be certificates for the top 3 designs in each section and the overall winning design will be used on all certificates at the end of the challenge.

Go get creative and have some fun!!!

Bonus Challenge 2-

Your second challenge is to recreate our West Oxfordshire District Badge out of anything you can find at home. You can use recycled material, toys, plants, clothes your options are endless! Share them on the West Oxfordshire Facebook page or send them to the email!

Good Luck!

Bonus Challenge 3-

Your third challenge is to brighten someone’s day! Find a large pebble and paint it. You can paint anything you want on it or write a message that will make someone happy. Take this pebble out on your next walk and leave it for someone to find. If you have space write the hashtag wodchallenge2020 or West Oxfordshire Scouts on your pebble. Post a photo of your pebble on the Facebook page or send them to the email.

Good Luck!

Bonus Challenge 4-

Your fourth challenge is related to the Summer Solstice. The event is often celebrated with 108 sun salutations. Your challenge is to do the sequence, if you are feeling up for a major challenge why not try to do 108 over the week!

For Beavers and Cubs here is a link on how to do it.

For Scouts, Explorers and Network here is a link on how to do it.

Bonus Challenge 5 –

Your last Bonus challenge is to give your toilet some character! Decorate it with some toilet paper eyes and some more accessories, let’s see how whacky we can make our toilets! For some inspiration check out the Facebook page!

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